2000mg CBD Vape Additive – 10ml

CBD Quantity 2000mg
Net Quantity 10ml Bottle
CBD Concentration 20%
£ Per CBD mg £0.015
Extract Type Isolate
Appearance Light Golden
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CBD Vape Additive
2000mg per 10ml

Introducing CBD Vape Additive, a game-changer for vapers seeking to enhance their vaping experience with the power of CBD. Packed with a potent 2000mg per 10 ml, this product is designed to take your vape liquid to the next level.

If you’re a vaper looking to infuse your own e-liquids with CBD, look no further. Our CBD Vape Additive is the ideal solution. To achieve a 2.5% concentration, we recommend adding 1 part additive to 7 parts e-liquid. However, feel free to adjust the ratio according to your preferences. Simply mix in your desired amount, give it a good shake, and you’re ready to vape.

What sets our vape additive apart is its use of CBD isolate. This means that there are no terpenes present that could potentially mask the flavor of your favorite e-liquids. We understand that taste matters and that’s why our CBD Vape Additive ensures a seamless integration into your vaping routine. It’s a must-have for all vapers seeking a convenient and effortless way to incorporate CBD into their vaping journey.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Hemp Extract


Product Advisory:

Please follow the recommended ratio of 1 part CBD Vape Additive to 7 parts e-liquid to achieve a 2.5% concentration. However, feel free to adjust the ratio to suit your preferences.
Our CBD Vape Additive utilizes CBD isolate, ensuring no flavor interference with your chosen e-liquids, providing a seamless integration of CBD into your vaping experience.



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