CBD Isolate 99%

CBD Quantity 99mg
CBD Concentration 99%
£ Per CBD mg £0.015
Extract Type Isolate
Appearance White Powder
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99% CBD Isolate

The most pure type of hemp extract available is our CBD Isolate. There are no other hemp plant chemicals included in this extract; only tiny amounts of the cannabinoid CBD are present.

For convenience of application, the crystals have been finely powdered. if required, can be recrystallized. The isolate is packaged in a 5 ml glass storage vial with no shoulders.

Due to the absence of terpenes, CBD isolation has no flavor. We offer our terpenes infused  isolate here if you’d like to experience the flavors of your favorite cannabis profiles.

Since CBD powdered isolate has no flavor or odor, it is incredibly simple to incorporate into homemade products. In order to apply CBD isolate topically to your muscles, some oils, such as coconut, will combine nicely with it. CBD Isolate has many uses like:

  • Vaporising
  • Dabbing
  • DIY CBD oils
  • DIY E-Liquid
  • Adding to foods

Ingredients: Hemp Extract


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