Raw Hemp Extract Capsules 30 x 25mg – 750mg CBD+CBDa

CBD Quantity 750mg
Net Quantity 30 Capsules
CBD Per Capsule 25mg CBD+CBDa
£ Per CBD mg £0.054
Extract Type Full Spectrum
Appearance Powder Filled
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Raw Hemp Extract Capsules 30 x 25mg – 750mg CBD CBDa

We generally find that the 750mg Capsules are more popular than the 300mg due to the fixed 25mg dose. Especially if a consumer has decided that they want to come off a 1000mg oil due to the taste. The 25mg capsules work out as exactly the same dose as the serving suggestion for our 1000mg Raw Hemp Extract oil.

The capsules will take longer to get into the consumer’s system but once in, it will last just as long as the oil would in your system. Some people may prefer the longer absorption time as it means they can take a capsule before they leave the house for work and then not worry about it for the rest of their working day.

Another reason people may go for the guaranteed fixed dose. With an oil, it can sometimes be difficult to judge exactly how much of the oil you’re taking. Some consumers, who know exactly how much CBD they need, would opt to go for the capsules.

Some people find that taking the oil can be a messy experience too, especially if you end up with the oil on your hands, clothes or table! The capsules are a lot easier and a lot cleaner to consume. Another reason people may prefer taking the capsules over the oil is that they are a lot easier to take when you are on the go.

The capsules contain Magnesium Stearate, Microcrystalline cellulose, Hemp Extract and are capped in a HPMC, meaning they are vegan friendly!

  • Ingredients: Magnesium Stearate, Microcrystalline cellulose, Hemp Extract, HPMC Capsule.
  • Suggested Serving: 1 Capsule, 1-3 times a day
  • Servings: 30



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