Raw Hemp Extract Oil 2000mg CBD+CBDa – 10ml

CBD Quantity 2000mg
Volume 10ml
CBD Concentration 20%
CBD Per Drop 10mg CBD+CBDa
£ Per CBD mg £0.035
Extract Type Full Spectrum
Appearance Golden Brown
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Raw Hemp Extract Oil 2000mg CBD CBDa (Optional Spray Top)

2,000mg Refined Hemp Extract oil is the strongest broad spectrum oil we offer to our customers. A 2,000mg refined hemp extract oil is generally used by people who have had lots of previous exposure to Cannabinoids or are really needing a high potent product. Gradually finding your optimal dose is an extremely important and unique experience.

The oil comes in a 10ml bottle. The reason we use a smaller bottle is so that the concentration can be higher. 5 drops of the 2,000mg oil equates to 50mg of CBD+CBDa.

The Raw Hemp Extract Oil is more commonly known as Full Spectrum. Full spectrum oil is known for containing all of the cannabinoids that are naturally found within the hemp plant. This includes such controlled compounds as THC. However, we have ensured all controlled compounds are way below the limit they need to be an that the full spectrum oil will lead to NO psychoactive effects.

We offer both natural and peppermint flavouring. The reason we offer two flavours is due to the earthy flavouring of a natural full spectrum oil. Some people find the earthy flavour too strong, hence the reason behind offering the peppermint too.

You can expect a full spectrum / raw hemp extract oil to appear with a darker appearance than the refined hemp extract oil. This is due to the aforementioned amount of compounds found in the raw hemp oil. Generally speaking, the darker the oil the more compounds can be found in the product.

We recommend taking the oil sublingually, this means placing the oil under the tongue. This is so that it can be absorbed through the capillary glands and passes directly into the bloodstream, meaning it does not have to go through the liver.

CBD Oil is an extremely popular choice in terms of CBD consumption as not only was it one of the first methods of consumption but it also lasts in your system longer than the likes of vaping. 

This oil is not water soluble so we would not recommend putting it in a drink. If you are looking for a water soluble, full spectrum oil, take a look at our Aqua Drops 400mg CBD+CBDa.

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Natural, Peppermint


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